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Software for Atari and Compatibles 

Rational Sounds 2.0.2 (freeware)
is an Utility which sets system events to music. Rational Sounds has many features and a wide variety of system events is recognized:
  • Window Events: open, close, full, size, iconify, shade, specific window titles, ...
  • Applications: Start and stop sound, application specific windows
  • Keypresses (each key a different)
  • Buttons (even many userdef buttons are recognized!)
  • Powerful timer feature with a user definable alert box with timeout, GEMScript command,...
  • and many many more (GEMScript support, Bubble Gem, startup and shutdown sound)
Rational Sounds is installed via GEMSetup. It is currently available in German and English (hypertext only German) It runs on most systems I know. Currently it doesn't run on MagiC Milan :-(, but this is the only system I know it doesn't run on, and I hope I can fix this soon. A multitasking OS is recommended.
download (German and English)

MagiC PC Shutdown (freeware)
is a shutdown program for MagiC PC. It's special feature is that it can do some windows specific stuff:
  • Resolution change affects Windows' resolution too, if wished
  • Restart MagiC PC instantly
  • Shutdown or reboot Windows from within MagiC PC
  • Start Linux from within MagiC PC
Currently MagiC PC Shutdown afaik only works under Windows 0.9x and Müllenium.
Oh. I have to correct myself. Someone told me that he uses it under W2k and it does work! So please, try it yourself.
MPC Shutdown is currently German only.
download (German)
qed 5.0.2 (public domain)
The well-known and popular Text editor.

New in 5.0.2:

  • new html/php syntax definitions by Tobias Jung 
  • Optimized syntax file loading - qed starts faster. It's still a bit slow on slower machines. Hint: remove the *.syn files you don't need, especially the big ones, from the syntax\ folder.
  • Bugfix: qed now finally can handle non-proportional vector fonts correctly :-)
  • and a few more. For all changes of the recent versions, see the History
qed currently is available in German, English, French and Czech. (hypertext only German). The English hypertext is currently being translated.

download (program files/German) this Archive is needed for all other languages too! 
download (English Resource/Syn files) Resource by ddp Translations
download (French Resource/Syn files) by Remy Villatel
download (Czech Resource/Syn files) by Martin Musil
download (Netherlands Resource/Hypertext) by Godfried Cobben

download (Source)

Additional Files (to be included in the next release):
Improved asm.syn (Assembler syntax definition) by MiKRO 

Language: Pure C. Project file: PC-Shell. Needed Libraries: CF-Lib pl 12 and gemlib pl 38 (both available on Homepage of Christian Felsch) , MiNTLib Pl.49. Please contact me if you want to start working on qed; there are some changes (cvs, gcc..) currently, and the source provided here will be more or less obsolete. (The mentioned libraries are already really outdated)



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